A fabulous adventure awaits you full riddles, excitement and challenges. You and your team fight against a relentless enemy: time!

You can expect cliff-hanging 60 minutes in a room which challenges your skills and teamwork ability. Pure adrenalin! What are you waiting for…time is ticking…

LIVE ESCAPE ROOM – the exciting event for Teams from two to 19 players simultaneously.


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Booking Calendar

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Friday, 2017-09-22


Students & trainees receive € 5 discount from Tuesday to Friday (holidays excluded) on presentation of the relevant ID card.

2 Players


35 € per person
High Difficulty Level

3 Players


30 € per person

4 Players


27 € per person
Perfect group size

5 Players


24 € per person

6 Players


22 € per person

7 Players


22 € per person
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Room 1 & 2- They Stole a Million!

Escape Room for 2-6 players per room.

Available in German or English
This room is available twice. If you are 6 or more players it can be played in Battle Mode.
Which team works better together?! Challenge yourself and lead the theft of the century with demanding puzzles and Ocean’s Eleven Feeling.


Theft in the Hanseatic City! The world’s most famous stamp collection “The blue Mauritians” is currently on display at the exhibition center Deichtorhallen. The Mauritians are one of the most sought after art objects in the world among collectors. The extravagant art enthusiast “Mr. Pink” has taken an interest in the valuable stamps. He requires a team of highly professional, expertly trained specialists to commit a high class theft. The theft of the blue Mauritias in the Deichtorhallen Hamburg!

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Room 3 – Countdown to Meltdown

​Escape Room for 2-7 players.

Available in German or English
Prevent a nuclear disaster in the nuclear plant with coordinative tasks and haptic puzzles.


“Dear employees, welcome to your first work day in the nuclear power station from Nucleus Industries! We can proudly call our power station one of the most modern in the federal republic. Cutting edge technology, the best employees and the new control system A.M.E.E. (Artificial Mission Emergency Entity) await you. A.M.E.E. is not just an average control system: it has been developed by leading international scientists as the first artificial intelligence to control a nuclear power station. A.M.E.E. provides an improved workflow and greater safety! We are happy to welcome you. Please proceed to the locker rooms after your anti-radiation shower. A.M.E.E. will take over the instructions from there.”

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Room 4 – Time Doctors

Coming soon

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Do you want to lock up friends and family?

You can buy a voucher here.


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Some fun facts about us

Milions Stolen
Prevented nuclear meltdowns

Customer happiness

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Find us here:

Adventure Team – Escape Room Hamburg
Stresemannstraße 161, 1. OG
22769 Hamburg

+49 176 432 494 32
Telephoneservice daily from 09:00 to 18:00
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